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What is Meal Prepping? Meal prep is simply any preparation of your food that you can do ahead of time. It can be three days of lunches, pre-cutting your fruits and vegetables or even a full week’s worth of meals. Anything that will save you some time. Meal Prep Guide for Beginners 1. Start small If you’re new to meal prepping, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed. That’s why it’s best to start small. Start by choosing ONE meal a week to prep. If your mornings are chaotic, having a smoothie pack already prepped to hit the blender will...

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  You are reading this today because You’ve been throwing away avocado seeds for the fact that you didn’t know that they fight cancer and regulate thyroid disorder!Avocados are considered the favorite fruits of numerous people, but many fail to use all their benefits, as the healthiest parts of them are actually their seeds.In fact, these seeds have the highest antioxidant levels than most other fruits and vegetables. Namely, proximity 70% of all antioxidants in avocados are concentrated in the seeds. Avocados are abundant in healthy monosaturated fats which support heart health, and the seeds are rich in amino acids...

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We all know the fact that bodybuilding is 80% nutrition. Okay that seems a little steep to me but there’s no one can deny that what you eat is  every bit as important as your training and supplementation. After all, our body uses the calories we provide to fuel our training, grow new muscle, and all the daily requirements our body must meet just to stay alive. We actually need essential amino acids from protein in our diet to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and every living cells in the body are dependant on this what we call the survival macronutrient. When...

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